Hello Lego fans, Collectors and Lego builders and Lego designers,


How nice you want to take a look at our lego shop

We are 2 brothers and are building a very nice varied lego webshop with great pleasure and passion for the lego.

 We started newtechnicparts because we are lovers of lego and we want to make a large Webshop with a lot of various lego parts and various Lego themas.


We work from Monday till Friday and sometimes on Saturday to make the orders on time.

Orders are shipped within 1 or 2 business days and usually the same day,

You can order the parts seperate with us and are not bound by numbers,


We have a large assortment of Bricks and Plates, Technic, Starwars and Minecraft,Minifigers and various other Lego themas,


Have a look around in our lego webshop there are always super offers hidden between them.

If you don't get a lego part found, you can send us an email with the relevant part and then we can see if we have it or can arrange it for you.


We send orders all over the world.


Best regards Newtechnicparts,



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