Hello Builders and Collectors

We started to play with lego in the early 80's .

We collect technic sets for years . This is where it started as a hobby .

Now we are an official company in new and used LEGO  , company is running with family .

Email will be answered every day , picking and shipping orders monday-friday .

We are specialized in  New Technic Parts and just like new parts(from the early Technic)

Every day new parts in store .

We didn't sell parts whit bitemarks,discolored, scratched or broken.

For payement you can use IBAN or Paypal.

Enjoy your new Parts.

If you are looking for a complete designer model you can ask us , we got Some models complete at the store .

At the moment the tractor truck from lucio switch (ready for shipping 2 sets  1199 euro for 1 set )

Succes with building and feel free to ask your question .

Best regards New Technic Parts 


 Last Updated: 9 Jan 2017